Sligo19: Outside the Box

Miryam Lightbody is writing with VOX Magazine at the New Wine Ireland summer conference in Sligo this week. She’ll be sharing insights from the collection of community events and gatherings taking place outside of the regular talks and teachings so that you can catch the rhythm of Sligo19 ‘outside the box.’ 

Late night worship.jpeg

Late Night Worship

Monday 15 July

Sarah Miles and Laurence Bellew lead the crowd at Late Night Worship in the Chapel on Sunday evening. Here is Miryam’s experience:

Late Night Worship at New Wine is one not to miss! After a day of running around the IT building it’s a great chance to reflect on what you’re learning and where you’re growing in your walk with God amidst the crowd and the music. 

Monday’s session was especially good. Hannah O’ Neill led us in prayer, then Sarah Miles and Laurence Bellew set the tone through worship. The music was a mix of meditative and celebrative songs, weaving an atmosphere with times for personal intimacy with God but also moments of collective praise and thanksgiving for all He’s given us. 

Sarah Miles describes her experience of Late Night Worship from the stage. She talks about getting swept up in her own time with God but also in what God’s doing in the hearts in the Chapel:

“We worship among ourselves, and then we’re singing along with them. It’s amazing when you can get to that place where you can worship by yourself and also be part of something.”

The space in the Chapel is perfect for this kind of gathering; it’s an empty room aside from the stage so people can stand at the back, in amongst the crowd, or at the sides but there’s also plenty of room at the front to find a spot to kneel or dance. 

Really, Late Night Worship is whatever you make it. If you want to seek freedom, ask for peace, or just delight in His presence, this is the place for you. 

Late Night Worship continues in the Chapel at the Clayton Hotel this Tuesday from 10.30pm – 11.30pm at Sligo19.