At the intersection of faith, life and reality in 21st Century Ireland, VOX magazine gives voice to Christians who want to engage with one another and with the world around them.

It was Vox Hibernia - Latin for "the voice of the Irish" - that brought the 5th century slave-turned-priest Patrick back to the land of his captivity and set in motion a transformation that sent shock waves across Europe.

Our passion at VOX is to give voice to Irish Christians once again - to inspire, question, equip, inform, wrestle, challenge and encourage a new wave of Irish world-changers.

Six words to describe VOX magazine

Real – we don’t have all the answers. We are ordinary Christians in Ireland wrestling with questions about faith and life, and taking an honest look at the issues we face every day. That means facing up to mistakes as well as sharing triumphs!

Inspiring – we know God is working in Ireland.  We want to share and celebrate inspiring stories of faith in action and allow inspiration to motivate us for new things. 

Relevant – we live in 21st Century Ireland.  We want to understand contemporary issues and discuss how the Gospel relates to the whole of life.  We are craving practical suggestions not philosophical theories. 

Inclusive – we celebrate and value the great diversity of people in Ireland who love and follow Jesus.  We want to promote unity, partnership and mutual respect. 

Challenging – we are not satisfied with the status quo.  We want to challenge the underlying assumptions of our society and even our churches.  We are willing to be out-spoken, to question and explore controversial issues while remaining open to those with different opinions. 

Surprising – we will expect the unexpected, investigate what is new or different, communicate in creative and innovative ways, share different perspectives and give voice to those who would normally keep silent.

The VOX Volunteer Team


Ruth Garvey-Williams - Editor

Jonny Lindsay - Layout, advertising, promotion & distribution

Jonny Lindsay - Layout, Advertising, Promotion & Distribution