Finding Faith 2019: The Week in Numbers & Photos

1 - 8 May 2019


On Wednesday 1 May, VOX editor Ruth Garvey-Williams set out on another epic road trip around Ireland - the seventh annual “Finding Faith Tour”. This year, she zig-zagged her way across the island hunting down good news stories of faith, life and reality. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights of the week in numbers and photos.

2091.5 km /1299.6 miles - 4 tanks of petrol

Total counties visited 20

Overal total counties driven through 27

Number of beds (slept in) 7 - not all that much sleep to be had thanks to late night blogging!

Number of people interviewed - 56

Types of church represented in interviews - at least 13 including (alphabetical order) Baptist, Catholic,  Church of Ireland, House Church, Elim, Independent Evangelical, Methodist, Pentecostal, Plumbline Ministries, Presbyterian, RCCG, Romanian Church, Vineyard

Number of words typed during interviews (not counting blogs) 38,461... (sigh! Now I have to edit all that!)

Number of photos taken - approx. 569

Number of Election Posters Spotted: 4,038

election posters overload.jpg
  • County with the MOST Posters - Dublin (hands down) - averaging 100 posters every 10 minutes. At times I lost count or gave up because I had to focus on the road

  • County with LEAST Posters - Tyrone (but to be fair, their election was over by the time I was driving through, so maybe they have been taken down?)

  • This works out at approx. two posters for every km driven this week. Laid end-to-end these posters alone (bear in mind they are made of non-biodegradable plastic) would cover 3.2 kilometres.

Blow out.jpg

Most enjoyable drive:  Tralee to Dunmanway (Co. Cork) on Sunday morning.

Least enjoyable drive M50 - Bray to the M1 on Tuesday evening.

Worst traffic jam - the same!

Scariest moment? Blow out on the M8 near Cork.

Avocado Toast.jpg

Trendiest meal - Poached eggs on Avocado Toast (in Dublin of course)

Unhealthiest meal - Pot Noodle

Amount of caffeine consumed - no comment!

Most beautiful county? You decide! Photos below are in random order - just a selection from 7 days on the road.