Facts, Figures and Fun

A light-hearted round up of the Finding Faith Tour 2017!

2 - 8 May (arriving home in Buncrana on 9 May)

1249.7 miles /2011 km - 4 tanks of petrol

Total counties visited 18

Overal total counties driven through 21

Number of beds slept in 7

Earliest time getting to bed 00.10am

Number of people interviewed - 49

Types of church represented in interviews - at least 13 including (alphabetical order) Baptist, Catholic, CCI (formerly Assemblies of God), Church of God, Church of Ireland, House Church, Independent evangelical, Methodist, Pentecostal, Plumbline Ministries, Presbyterian, RCCG, Vineyard

Number of words typed (not counting blogs) 36,959... (ouch, now I have to edit all that)

Number of photos taken - approx. 345

Number of tractors spotted 168

  • Counties with the most tractors - Waterford, Cavan and Tyrone
  • County with NO tractors - Dublin
  • County with the oldest tractor - Roscommon (at least it looked that way!)

Most sheep in a county - Roscommon (not a scientific evaluation... just seemed that way)

Most enjoyable drive:  Lahinch to Galway city on Sunday morning.

Least enjoyable drive M50 - Ballymun to Bray on Wednesday evening.

Worst traffic jam... do I really need to spell it out?

Most expensive car parking - University College Dublin:  €6.80 for 1 1/2 hours!

Amount of caffeine consumed - no comment!

Number of jelly babies harmed in the making of this tour - 2 full bags

Silliest mistake - thinking that Roscommon was just 1 hour's drive from Galway city.

Most embarrassing moment - being 1 hour late for lunch after getting lost in one of the smallest villages in Ireland (Drung, County Cavan).

Most beautiful county as seen during the tour? (Random order) What do you think?