A Hero’s Journey (wanna come?)

By Annmarie Miles

(From the July - September 2019 issue of VOX)


At a writers’ weekend recently, we were challenged to give ourselves a hero’s name and go on an epic journey. I had just been on one. Six hours in the car to get to this thing. I was epic-journeyed-out-of-it! 

But in for a penny and all that, I gave myself the name, ‘Amo, the Incredulous’ and off I went. I used what was left of my waning energy to write the journey from my chair to the picture window three paces away, to look at the sun setting over the Yorkshire Dales. When I say sun, I mean a vague brightness behind lots of cloud, but it was still beautiful. 

It wasn’t about how far we went, the journey just had to be epic.

Some of us stayed in the room, others went outside the building, but none of us went very far. If they were like me, they discovered a lot in that short distance. This was the point. It wasn’t about how far we went, the journey just had to be epic.

I looked at every mark on every tile as I walked to the window. I looked at the window’s frame. Then I watched people on their own epic journeys, the birds that landed on the bird table, the short argument between two swifts, the gravel border to the long driveway. I looked higher and spotted a red car travelling on a road I could not see. 

Soon, we were called to order, but I could have gone on writing for hours. There was so much to see. 

And it occurs to me as I read about our intrepid editor’s tour, that though she has travelled the country to find faith, we don’t all have to. Though, it’s not the worst idea! (How about hiring a charabanc next year Ruth, and taking us all with you…?) 

For now, let’s all give ourselves a hero’s name and go on our own epic journey. Taking a slow, close look at the faith nearest us. Our own. Stopping to ponder the small, wonderful things about our corner of God’s church, even if everyone else’s is bigger, fuller and “funner.” I’d love to hear your hero’s name and about your epic journey. Come and find me on social media - amowriting.

I, Amo the Incredulous, must sign off now for the next adventure. There’s a washing machine to empty.


Annmarie Miles is originally from Tallaght and now lives in her husband Richard’s homeland, Wales. As well as VOX articles, she writes short stories, and is working on a book about her journey with food, weight gain, weight loss and God. Visit her blog at www.auntyamo.com. On Twitter she is @amowriting.