A poem by Miryam Lala

Tuesday 11 July

Miryam Lala is a Psychology Student from CCU who is serving on the Access Team at #Sligo17. She wrote this poignant poem inspired by the giant map of Ireland at the front of the main arena.

Lonely island
Ancient and crafted
You float amidst
An ocean  
Of worlds

Your creator
He built you
Sculpted you
To create too
To weave words
To wrap around
Those whose mouths
Are empty
Of truth

Surrounded by an ocean
That we all know
Will make us sick
To drink
Will make us more thirsty
Closer to the end
Than before

I thank my God
For the rain
The grass beneath
Our temple
Is lush and satisfied
And when we have run
For too long
Too fast
The race set before us
He will find us on the roadside
And open the heavens
When we cry to the clouds

The athletes
Must not forget
That the islanders
Are parched
Defeated on the sidelines
But they do not know
How to face up
And cry to the sky
For respite

So they wither. 

We must run
As fast
And hard
And focused
As we can
Palms filled with rain
To offer the thirsty
And again

Hoping and praying
That someday
They will drink
And look up