VOX LIVE Blog: Sligo16 DAY SIX

Friday 15 July

It's the final day of #Sligo16 and VOX is LIVE here in Sligo IT.  Throughout the day, the VOX LIVE Blog will bring you all the action from the conference along with stories and news from around Ireland.  And you can find summaries of all the main sessions as well as many seminars and workshops.

09.15  Good morning Sligo!  It's the final day of #Sligo16 and we're excited to see what will happen today.  There is a buzz of excitement in the Arena this morning.  We're looking forward to hearing from Greg Venables this morning and from Danielle Strickland this evening.  And there are plenty of seminars as well as community events to come... a busy day ahead.  Now where's that coffee?

09.30 Reading Psalm 23 together as we pray for Nice following last night's tragedy.

09.36 Just heard that last night's offering raised €24,000 with 90% of it going to the people of Syria.  Amazing!

Enjoy some photos from yesterday with thanks to our wonderful #Sligo16 photographer Herman Farias.

10.02 Hearing about Kingdom Women in Cork - inspiring!

10.08 Excited to be hearing Greg Venables give the final Bible Teaching on "More than Conquerors" today.

When Jesus encounters the man with the withered hand, Jesus heals him.  Jesus tells him, “Stretch out your hand.”  Jesus had done it - Jesus had healed him.  The man had to do what he now could do because of the healing that had already happened.  What God asks of us is obedience.

All that matters is your obedience.  That is the only answer to what we are talking about this week.  Taking God seriously.  Believing God’s word.  If He says, “Get up” then get up!   Today, before we finish, forget about everything else and obey.  Do what God is calling you to do.   Get on with it!

10.21 We KNOW that in ALL things God works for the good of those LOVE Him.  Loving Him, putting Him first, getting to the end of ourselves… this is what it means.  You are LOVED (we love because He first loved us) and you are CALLED.

Reading from Acts 1 : 6 - 8

I Thessalonians 1:4-5:  The word goes out.  God spirit works.  What makes it work is the witness of the people whose lives have been transforms.   Everyone who I know who has been converted, saw something in somebody else.  You are called to be witnesses and as we live it people say, “We know it is true because look at him or her…”  When God does something in your life, other people notice.

This is God’s word for us today, we have got to move out of the wilderness and into the promised land.  This is a new day.  We will need new clothes, new ways of doing things…

Joshua 1: 1 - 11 When God says "Move" then move!  God gives Joshua His promise.  All of God’s promises are for us.  Add your own name into God’s promises.  You don’t have to “claim” it.  It is there already. 

You have to be strong and courageous.  You are going to have to go against things that you don’t like, against things that scare you.  It has got to be done.  

Make the word of God your daily food.  Nobody in Ireland is going to say you are not going to make time to eat so make time to read God’s word!  Get into God’s word and get God’s word into you!  

Final words:

  1. Go home and do it
  2. Deepen your relationship with God
  3. Keep in fellowship

Read a summary of Greg's message here

11.44 The essentials of LIVE Blogging...

11.49 Getting ready to hear part two of Danielle Strickland's session on "What does it mean to see breakthrough?"

Why do we always succumb to the idea that there are “supermen” who bring about breakthrough.

On the cross, Jesus was bleeding.   Jesus was vulnerable.  It was a display of weakness and seeming defeat and that was what broke the power of sin and death.

We keep thinking strength and success and celebrity will bring the breakthrough.  God’s strategy has always been to take the least trained, the least shiny and the least equipped people so that the glory will go to Him.

In Judges 6: 25 - 32 - the first step of breakthrough for Gideon was to confront the idolatry in his own life.  Where is the idolatry in your own life, family and church?

We can have idols of leadership.  We can make an idol of fear.  We can make our children into idols (as if we could love our children more than God does?).

Discipleship is a daily choice.  You don’t achieve it.  There is a constant choice.  There is a constant challenge to reject idols, to follow Jesus, to die to self…

12.36 There is no secret to breakthrough.  It is simply doing what God tells you to do.  Every time God asks you to do something, there are 100s of reasons why you shouldn’t.  Here’s the bottom line - it could turn out bad.  That is the story of the cross.

What brings breakthrough?  Do you really want to know?  The cross!  The willingness to die to yourself.  The willingness to say, “Yes” to Jesus, all the way. 

What are you compromising because it makes your life easier? 

Read a summary of Danielle's message here.

19:20 The final evening celebration of the week has begun. Where has the time gone? There was a standing ovation for David and Hilary McClay as the capacity crowd in the Arena showed their appreciation for all the hard work, passion and dedication they've given to making Sligo 16 happen in such a fulfilling, inspiring way. There was a nod to 2017 with tickets already available. That's impressive!

19:30 We sing the words "Who can stop the Lord Almighty?" and "I'm no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God". Such power in this worship.

Sligo 16 has already been blown away by the ministry of Danielle Strickland during the afternoon seminars so it is a great pleasure to have her speak at our main evening session. Danielle is an Officer in the Salvation Army serving in LA as well as an Ambassador for Stop the Traffik and Compassion International.

We live in the more of God. He has poured out Heaven on us. When we cry out more, we mean more of us, I want to be able to increase my spiritual capacity to intake more of the Spirit. 

I've been a student of freedom as I work with slaves and trafficked people for many years. This year I really believe that this year God is going to pour out freedom like never before. I visited Haiti with Compassion and I got to meet the child that my family and I sponsor. I heard stories of the history of the slaves in that country but this nation had taken it upon themselves to realise that it didn't have to be that way, that they won't have to be slaves, that it could be possible to be free and not oppressed.

When I got there I was so disappointed. The poverty there is not freeing. Haitians are keeping Haitian children as slaves. Oppression comes in many different forms. I asked the Lord to show me the freedom that doesn't just come one time, during a conference then it leaves when we get back to our ordinary lives; that we can be free and remain free. Christ can truly set us free.

Galatians 5:1

I have four key points for you to follow.

1) We have got to believe it is possible. Kids don't have to die of extreme poverty. We can end it in our life time. When I realised this it also struck me that I hadn't believed this could happen before now. I hadn't believed that God could do this in my life time. Come into agreement with Jesus, He means to set us free.

2) Don't be so afraid. I'm not sure what of exactly but we are afraid - our past, our future, our mother-in-law. In Exodus 1 the Egyptians were invited in as guests but it goes from an incredible blessing to an oppressive system and they began to participate in fear, but Pharaoh was being oppressive because he was afraid. If you make decisions based on fear you are either the oppressor or you're being oppressed. You have to deal with the fear together through the presence of Jesus.

3) Is starts with you and it starts today. God is the eternal now. He is always the present tense. Whatever the oppression is, stop it now. It is a lie that freedom comes tomorrow, it always come today. Now is the most opportune time to be free. There is no better time coming! 

4) Never, ever, ever give up this pursuit, this promise that God has given us. Some of you have been at this a long time, the enemy has whispered in your ear encouraging you to quit but you should never, ever, ever give up. It is not too late, it is not too hard. Stand firm, let nothing move you. Don't let oppression back in, let the cry of freedom reign through your real life.

For some of you God is going to renew you, like wings on eagles, with strength that will not grow weary. Some of you need to declare your intentions tonight. We say no to a spirit of fear. Lord, set your people free. 

We felt as we were praying for this meeting that God really wants us to cry out in release, that Ireland can cry out and release ancient oppression, divisions, hatreds, sufferings - "as deep calls to deep in the waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me".