More than Conquerors - Friday

Friday 15 July

Archbishop Greg Venables has been a missionary in South America along with his wife Sylvia and family for over 37 years and has been serving in Argentina since 2000.  This week, he is leading the morning Bible Teaching sessions on the theme of “More than Conquerors” (taken from Romans 8:37)  Here VOX editor Ruth Garvey-Williams brings you a summary of what he had to say on Friday

For every person there is often a crisis when we see who God is and what He is done.  But there is also a process to start to live as who we ARE.  What we have to see very clearly is that the change has already happened.  We are already “More than Conquerors”.

We've not arrived yet but one day everything will be made right.  Don’t allow anything to keep you in prison.

When Jesus encountered the man with the withered hand, Jesus healed him.  Jesus told him, “Stretch out your hand.”  Jesus had done it - Jesus had already healed him.  The man had to do what he now could do because of the healing that had already happened.  What God asks of us is obedience.

Paul called himself a slave of Jesus Christ.  It is a wonderful thing to be a slave of Jesus.  When Jesus told the paralytic to stand up, he didn’t wonder whether he had enough faith, he simply obeyed. Faith is a gift.

All that matters is your obedience.  That is the only answer to what we are talking about this week.  Taking God seriously.  Believing God’s word.  If He says, “Get up” then get up!

The man by the pool of Bethesda was in danger of being a “victim’.  Don’t be a victim; you are a son or daughter of the King.  Today, before we finish, forget about everything else and obey.  Do what God is calling you to do.   Get on with it!

We KNOW that in ALL things God works for the good of those LOVE Him.  Loving Him, putting Him first, getting to the end of ourselves… this is what it means. 

Please base your love on the foundation that you are loved.  You will never be able to love if you don’t know that you are loved.  We love because He first loved us!  You don’t even have to say anything… be loved!

You have been called according to His purpose. You know you have been called when you notice that God is interfering in your life.  He surprises you.

Reading from Acts 1: 6 - 8  - The times are in His hands.  It is not up to you to know the times and dates.  In other words, get on with it. 

I Thessalonians 1:4-5:  The gospel came in word and power. Demonstrated by the lives of the ministers.  They welcomed the message with joy even in the midst of suffering.  They became a model!

The word goes out.  God spirit works.  What makes it work is the witness of the people whose lives have been transforms.   Everyone who I know who has been converted, saw something in somebody else.  You are called to be witnesses and as we live it people say, “We know it is true because look at him or her…”

When God does something in your life, other people notice.

This is God’s word for us today, we have got to move out of the wilderness and into the promised land.  This is a new day.  We will need new clothes, new ways of doing things…

Joshua 1: 1- 11:  After the death of Moses… God often does something in the aftermath of suffering.  It is God’s initiative, not yours.  Find out what God is doing and obey.

The Lord said to Joshua (not Joshua had a bright idea).  God so loved the world that He didn’t form a committee.  What did He say?  “Move! Do it!” Are you ready to obey or are you going to sit procrastinating? It is never a convenient time.  It always seems to be the worst possible moment. 

God gives Joshua His promise.  All of God’s promises are for us.  Add your own name into God’s promises.  You don’t have to “claim” it.  It is there already.   Get a vision and get on with it!

God will guide you as you move along.  You cannot steer a car that is standing still.  You steer a car that is moving.  I pray, “God correct me where I am wrong and affirm me where I am right.”

God doesn’t muck about.  He is a good Father.  If you say, “I don’t understand.”  He will make it clear.

He will lift your head.  You can take God seriously.  You are the son / daughter of the King.  He is a shield around you.  You don’t have to worry.

You have to be strong and courageous.  You are going to have to go against things that you don’t like, against things that scare you.  It has got to be done.

Make the word of God your daily food.  Nobody in Ireland is going to say you are not going to make time to eat so make time to read God’s word! Get into God’s word and get God’s word into you!  Don’t base what you think on the internet or Google. 

Do not be afraid.  Fear will paralyse you.  God is with you!

Having heard everything -  Joshua was obedient. 

  1. Go home and do it! - what is “it”?  Mission.  Do it personally and do it in your churches.  Leaders get your churches moving.  Individuals, do it personally (don’t wait for the church to start).
  2. Deepen your relationship with God - turn off the TV. Get into the word. Spend time with him. 
  3. Keep in fellowship - this is a movement.  Move together.