VOX LIVE Blog: Sligo 16 DAY ONE

Sunday 10 July

VOX is LIVE here in Sligo IT for Day One of #Sligo16 - New Wine Ireland's annual summer conference.  Today and throughout the week, the VOX LIVE Blog will bring you all the action from the conference along with stories and news from around Ireland.  And you can find summaries of all the main sessions as well as many seminars and workshops.

18.08 Just over an hour to go until the official start of #Sligo16 and all is quiet here in the Arena but very soon these seats will be filled with people eager to worship God.  If you can't be with us in person, you don't have to miss out - we'll bring up updates throughout the evening!

19.16 We're getting excited with the announcements! The Arena is filling up fast and there is a great sense of anticipation.  Praying for God to do a deep work in our lives this evening.

19.24 Worshipping together with "Waiting here for you" and "My hope is built in nothing less..."

20.00 Reading from  Isaiah 55: 6 - 13

20.02 David McClay, is Rector of Willowfield Parish Church in East Belfast.  Together with his wife Hilary, he leads New Wine Ireland.  He is speaking at this evening's celebration.

20.04 God has a word for our churches, for our communities and for our land at this particular time of challenge and change. Life will always include challenges and times of stretching.  That is part and parcel of pursuing our relationship with Jesus and the joy of being His disciples.

The way forward and the way upward is on our knees.  The posture of our hearts really matters. When did you last kneel down?  What does it mean for us to kneel down before God? Together we need to take responsibility for the spiritual health and wellbeing of our nation.  In order to do that, we need to humble ourselves before the cross of Jesus.

This week, God wants us to kneel down and to humbly admit our sin and wrongdoing as individuals and churches.

Isaiah reminds us that God’s thoughts are as superior to ours as the heavens are above the earth.  Will we allow Sligo16 to become a space for deep and genuine repentance?  Will you join me in asking for the mercy of God for ourselves, for our churches and for our land? Repentance leads to blessing, to peace and to joy.  The promises of God flow from a repentant heart.  Charles Finney said, “A revival is nothing less than a new beginning of obedience to God.” 

This week, God invites us to receive His truth and to let His word and His Spirit go deep into our lives and to shape us for kingdom purposes. Are we hungry?  Are we willing for God to adjust the way we think?

Abraham had to leave his homeland.  Matthew had to leave his job as a tax collector.  Saul had to change his name.  We cannot move to the new place that God calls us to and remain as we are.  We have got to be transformed.  When God moves, change is here to stay.

20.30 There need to be seismic adjustments in how we do life.  Paul got it. He said, “I have been crucified with Christ…” Our spiritual core is who we are deep inside when no one is looking. This week, let us take responsibility.  Let us repent.  Let us receive more of God’s truth and so much more of His Spirit.  And this week let us rejoice at some of the things that God is doing in Ireland in these days.

Read a more detailed summary of David's message here

21.13 After a time for ministry and response people are slowly leaving the Arena for the evening activities.  Some are headed to watch the Euro final (record) while others are looking forward to Late Night Worship at 10.30.