VOX LIVE Blog: New Wine Sligo 2015

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Sunday 12 July

VOX magazine is LIVE at New Wine Ireland's Sligo 15 conference this week.  Through the VOX Blog we'll be bringing you highlights each day and taking a closer look at what happens behind the scenes.  We'll be finding out more about New Wine Ireland's passion for God's Kingdom on this island and discovering about their focus on Worship, Prayer, Outreach and Kids Ministry.  

19.08 Welcome to Sligo 15!  Excitement is building in The Arena at Sligo IT as we prepare for the opening session of New Wine Ireland's summer conference.  Tonight we're looking forward to hearing from John Dickinson who is currently Senior Leader in Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.

Worshipping together in The Arena at Sligo IT

Worshipping together in The Arena at Sligo IT

19.23 David McClay introducing the week. "Let’s pray that this week, we will know the presence of God - Lord have your way in us so that Lord God Almighty, you might have your way through us in this land. Lead us to your very feet we pray.”

19.58 David McClay quotes from Ephesians 3 finishing at verses 20 - 21:  "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

20.03 John Dickinson is speaking at the opening celebration of this year's Sligo 15. Reading from Revelation 1: 9 - 20.

John Dickinson speaking at #sligo15

John Dickinson speaking at #sligo15

20.10 John was in a place of worship.  He was in two places at one time:  a geographical location (Patmos - a small island about 30 miles off the coast of what we now call Turkey that was a Roman prison - in short, it was grim) but on this Lord’s day he was also in another place - “in the Spirit”.  He was given the gift of double vision (seeing both from an earthly and from a heavenly perspective).

In double vision, John saw Jesus!  John heard a voice and turned to see someone “like the Son of Man”.  John knew Him well.  It is incredible to know that Jesus was just like us - He was tempted and tried in every way.  But it is not the only view we need.  He is more than that. He is gloriously present, right here! 

20.25 John saw the church with double vision.  He sees the reality but He also sees “the seven stars” - a heavenly vision of the church. Here in the world, the church is shining for Him.  But from a heavenly perspective, Jesus is holding the church in His hand.   

20.30 Finally, John saw himself!  He was a respected leader and a true friend of Jesus but when Jesus shows up, John falls “as dead” at His feet. Jesus gives John a different perspective.  The Message puts it like this:  “His right hand pulled me upright.  His voice reassured me.” Jesus does not take over.  Jesus does not take away our responsibilities or render our involvement superfluous.  He enables John to understand how vital his contribution would be!

Read a full summary of John Dickinson's message here: Double Vision.

10.30 Late night worship in the Chapel (at the Clarion Hotel) is a beautiful time just to focus on God with music, art and creativity.