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Day Three

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Tuesday 8 July

Tuesday morning outside the Arena at Sligo IT.

Tuesday morning outside the Arena at Sligo IT.

09.28 Good morning!  Excited to be moving into Day Three of the Sligo Summer Conference.  

09.34 Craig Cooney welcomes everyone and shares, "God is doing an amazing work among us."

09.35 This morning we are thinking about Connacht.  Ian from Drumcliffe talks about the west of Ireland.  "There is no question that we are seeing God move in exciting ways.  Leaders are emerging in the west especially among our young people.  People are coming to faith through Alpha and in other ways."

Connacht prayer requests:

  • Connacht is like the unborn child inside the womb does not know the world outside the womb.  People need to experience life outside the womb!
  • Pray for the churches to have passion to connect with the local community.  Too often churches are self-serving.

09.46 The Lord is my shepherd!  Reminding ourselves that God is watching over us as a shepherd watches over his sheep!

10.10 Worshipping God together in the Arena… "We are holding on to hope..."

Morning Bible Teaching with David Parker

10.25 We're wrestling with the truth that Jesus communicates to His followers that He wants to lead them in doing what He is doing - to seek and save that which is lost, leading them as sheep amongst wolves!  

Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 10 are, “You have freely received, therefore freely give.” Jesus was motivated by compassion. Compassion is the willingness to embrace loss for the other. Throw the circle of your compassion wider. 

Exodus 33: 15 - 19 “ Moses said to Him, “If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.  How will anyone know that you are pleased with me and with your people unless you go with us? … now show me your glory! …"

Then God tells Moses… “I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion…”  God chooses to show compassion.  Compassion is a choice - a free decision.  I choose to embrace loss on your behalf. We have to grow in our ability to connect with the hurt and need around us.  If we disconnect, we become less human, less Christian.

10.45 We are the recipients of enormous grace!  God has shown compassion to us.  As we understand our own history, our brokenness and need… so that we can demonstrate that same compassion to others.

  1. In order to choose compassion we need to have an accurate connection with the truth of the past:  our past and other people’s past.
  2. In order to choose compassion, we need to reject fear, judgement  and self-focus and allow our hearts to be softened by hope.
  3. We need to let our hearts be softened by the truth about love.  

11.09 Read the full summary of this morning's Bible Teaching here

Ken Clarke on "Setting the Captives Free"

11.54 Who are the most important people in any nation? Some might say the politicians, the bankers, the Prime Minister or Taoiseach.  The Bible makes it clear what the answer is… God's people. Reading from 2 Chronicles 7: 11.

It is so easy to fix the blame… on “them”… Amazingly, according to the Bible God doesn’t seem to be nearly as concerned with straightening “them” out as he is concerned with straightening us out!  He begins the healing process with his own people. - Jimmie and Carol Owens.

The body of Christ is to be a reflection of perfection!  We are to be people who make a difference.  God has called us to be people who are transforming culture.  Why do Christians hold back from involvement ?  Sometimes it is sheer laziness. If we are passionate about the kingdom of God, then we have to get our hands dirty.

Our faith is not a hobby - it is the passion of our life.

Reading from 1 Timothy 2: 1- 4  and 1 Peter 2: 13 - 14. Governments exist to preserve law and order.  Prayer is one of the primary ways we can influence nations.  In his book, Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting Derek Prince gives six reason why we should pray:

  1. The first ministry and outreach of believers meeting together is prayer - is your church praying?
  2. The first specific topic for prayer is the government.
  3.  We are to pray for good government
  4. God desires all men to know the truth - law and order facilitates the spread of the Gospel!
  5. Bad governments hinders the preaching of the Gospel.
  6. Good government is the will of God - this is what He wants for our nations.

In any community, Christians need to:

  1. Establish credibility
  2. Demonstrate consistency

God calls us to keep loving, showing acts of kindness, showing that we are in this for the long haul.

Another part of changing a nation is illustrated by Nehemiah.   Great initiatives of God come about through brokenness. Nations are changed when we get a vision of what could be and allow that to move us into action. One of the shortest verses in the bible is, “Jesus wept.”  Nations are changed when churches catch the bigger picture.

Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.

Changing a nation is a cross-shaped process. It will take courage, compassion, vision, heartbreak and prayer.  Is everyone willing to give something valuable so everyone can gain something invaluable? 

14.50 Time for seminars on a sunny afternoon!

Afternoon seminar on "Reaching Ireland".

Afternoon seminar on "Reaching Ireland".

Reaching Ireland with David McClay, Beth Tays and Philip Emerson

14.57  David McClay:  There are stories of God working in a special way in Ireland.  I can never remember a time when I heard so many stories of people coming to faith in Christ.

15.08 Beth Tays from New Wine Ireland shares about what God is doing around the country with prayer, healing and training in partnership with local churches.

15.23 Philip Emerson from Lurgan: "I have a heart for the nation of Ireland.  I don’t know where this is all going.  But there has never been a better time.  Churches are working together as never before.

15.26 David McClay: How do we reach a nation? Three phrases:

  1. We need to bless life - we need to  get over ourselves and not be threatened.  
  2. We need to birth new life - we need to be creative
  3. We need to bring in life - where people need help and support, we need people to come alongside.

16.05 Preparing to talk about reconciliation now…  Excited to hear what Glen Harvey has to say.

Irish Churches Peace Project with Glen Harvey

ICPP is an initiative of the island's largest churches and the ICC.  ICPP has been set up to promote reconciliation in our communities through churches working together.

  • Promoting cross community dialogueIt is about cooperation not ecumenism.  
  • To support grass roots initiatives that contribute to lasting peace.
  • To facilitate a united Christian voice

16.35 Fun interation leading to thought provoking discussion on issues surrounding the peace process! How can Christians be good neighbours and love others across traditional divides?

19.00 Tuning up ready for the evening celebration (literally!).  Excited to see what God says tonight!

20.03 Introducing Jeannie Morgan who will be speaking tonight.

His strength in my weakness

Are we scared of stepping out in the power of the Holy Spirit?  Laying hands on people for healing?  Are we scared in case we mess up?  Are we scared that we are going to be an idiot?  Are we scared to let God down?  What is our expectation of what the Holy Spirit can do through us? 

Reading from Ephesians 1: 13 - 20

My weakness and my inability does not hinder God at all.  My greatest asset in ministry is my weakness because I know that I can’t do this stuff but I know someone who can.

Children are conditioned to the “supernatural” through stories of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and through films that portray good that only just overcomes evil.   We are conditioned by things that are not true.  God is not just good but He is goodness Himself. He is not equal to evil but He is more powerful than evil!

I didn’t know I was a sinner for a year after I became a Christian because I was so broken.  In the Bible it says, a bruised reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out.  Jesus was bringing me healing.  I was such a mess. And Jesus kept bringing me healing.  I'm not whole yet but I'm on the journey.

Psychologists say that the people who are the most guilty and who carry it around with them are Christians.  And yet Jesus became a guilt offering on the cross so we would not have to carry that about.  

22.27 Preparing for late night worship.