VOX LIVE Blog: New Wine Sligo Conference 2014 - Sunday

Day One

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VOX magazine is LIVE from Sligo this week at the New Wine Ireland Sligo Summer Conference.  Visit the LIVE Blog for regular photos, videos and updates throughout the day. Experience the action as it happens! #sligo14

Sunday 6 July


18.05 Just arrived at Sligo IT Arena ready for the start of the New Wine Ireland Summer Conference.  It's empty right now but this evening, hundreds of people from all over the island of Ireland will join together for worship. The opening celebration begins at 19.15 so if you are in the area, why not come down.  It is free entry tonight.  All are welcome!  #sligo14

18.47 Folks starting to arrive!  Excitement is building.

Sligo IT Arena filling up for the first evening celebration.

Sligo IT Arena filling up for the first evening celebration.

19.21 What a difference an hour makes!  The hall is filling up and there is a buzz of conversation… friends meeting and greeting… expectation rising!

19.28 David McClay gives a warm welcome at the start of the Sligo Summer Conference '14.

"Psalm 34: 8 - 10 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Fear the Lord, you his holy people, for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."

19.46 Worship time - singing "Our God is greater" by Chris Tomlin!

20.04 Beth Tays from New Wine Ireland, “We have such expectation!  Tonight is going to be a bit different so to kick off the week, we want to share what God has been doing this year.  God is on the move in Ireland."  Quoting Smith Wigglesworth - “Believing God for one minute does us far greater good than crying out to him for an entire night.”

20.12 Rev Craig Cooney from St Catherine’s Church, Dublin: "As I travel around and talk to church leaders, everywhere I go there is a sense that something is changing.  Things that used to be so difficult are becoming easier."

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Six points from Joshua chapter one:

  1. Moses is dead - leave the past behind. We need to let go!  God is trying to birth something new.
  2. The river is here - step into it. 
  3. Be bold - in action and prayer.  Pray prayers as big as God is.
  4. Expect opposition - it is a sign that you are advancing.
  5. Different tribes are coming together - centred on mission. What unites us is Jesus Christ, His Gospel and His mission to reach people. 
  6. Get ready - there is going to be an acceleration.  40 years of wandering and now it happens in 3 days!

20.37  Hilary McClay from Willowfield Church, Belfast - "God is speaking to different people in different ways but the message is the same. God wants our lives to be so fruitful that the world will see His glory. We need to prepare the land - Joshua 3:5.  The children of Israel were finally ready to cross over but God called them to consecrate themselves. The fruit that God wants in our lives can get chocked by weeds of bitterness, disappointment, anger, frustration…"

Just when we decide our lives are all about figs, God starts mixing up the soil underneath our feet to bring forth some pomegranates - Beth Moore

"We believe in God but we struggle to believe God.  To be ready for fruit, you have to plant the seeds! Are we ready to let God prepare the ground and plant the seeds in our lives so we can be part of brining about His plans and purposes for this island?"

21.00 Time of prayer and ministry at the end of the evening celebration.

22.31 And so to bed… early start in the morning for a prayer meeting at 7.30!!