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Finding Faith Tour 2014

The moment last summer when I topped 1000 miles on the first VOX magazine Finding Faith tour.

The moment last summer when I topped 1000 miles on the first VOX magazine Finding Faith tour.

I confess to mixed feelings as we count down to the start of this year’s “Finding Faith Tour”.  Last summer, there was unmitigated excitement as I prepared to set out on a road trip that would take me 1,200 miles through 21 counties, encountering so many inspiring people. 

But like most journeys in life, the trip proved more demanding and challenging than I could have ever anticipated.  Driving for six or seven hours a day, moving from interview to interview, stopping to capture special moments on camera, wrestling with internet connections and finding time to write, eat and even sleep, quickly took its toll.  I arrived home utterly exhausted.

So why are we doing it again? 

First and foremost because, while it stretched me to the limit, physically and mentally, it was also one of the most profound, humbling and inspiring experiences of my life!  There is something breathtaking about meeting individuals - ordinary people in all walks of life - whose encounter with Jesus has transformed them.  And I was excited to find those “faith stories” even in the most out-of-the-way places.

Secondly, because our readers asked us to!  Almost as soon as I arrived home last summer, people were asking, “When is your next tour?”  It seemed to strike a chord; as if we were all desperately hungry to share and celebrate those “God-stories” and to realise that in small ways, and in big ways, God is doing something special on this island of Ireland.

So the countdown has begun again.  These last few days are taken up with figuring out maps and routes, juggling schedules in an attempt to meet as many people as possible and figuring out what I need to take on the journey (asides from my laptop, camera and phone which are the essentials!).

Please follow the journey over the coming week - on Facebook, on Twitter (@vox_ie #findingfaith) or online at  Share your comments and your questions and keep in touch as I travel. 

We are partnering with Spirit Radio to bring you live updates from the road and there will be lots of wonderful stories in the next edition of VOX magazine as well!!

Why not join in this year’s competition to guess how many miles I will travel (answers in miles or kilometres) - a voucher for the winner!  Just send your guesses to, post your comments below on message us on Facebook or Twitter.