LIVE at #Sligo17

Sunday 9 July - Friday 14 July at Sligo IT

VOX editor Ruth Garvey-Williams is in Sligo this week for the New Wine Ireland summer conference.  Throughout the week, she'll bring you summaries of all the main meetings and a taste of what is happening in the conference that has attracted record numbers this year!  Follow the links below for all the news!

We are so excited to see what God has in store for us all this week and what He will then do in our lives, our churches and our communities as we go home to serve Him and build His kingdom in the places where he has placed us. - David and Hilary McClay, Leaders, New Wine Ireland.

Sunday 9 July

Make us Holy - David McClay
A summary of David McClay's message at the opening celebration of #Sligo17.

Monday 10 July

A Fresh Vision of God - Bishop Rennis Ponniah
A summary of Bishop Rennis' morning Bible Teaching on Monday at #Sligo17.

Is Christianity bad news for women?
Amy Orr-Ewing presents a powerful apologetic of the role of women throughout Scripture to challenge the narratives of our culture.

Responding to climate change
Stephen Trew's seminar looked at our Christian response to environmental issues.

No Child Taken
Tearfund Ireland's seminar looked at the global issue of child trafficking and asked What can we do?  Here's a summary of a sobering and thought-provoking seminar.

Hearing God's voice
Amy Orr-Ewing brings a message from Habakkuk on Monday evening at #Sligo17

Tuesday 11 July

A Fresh Understanding of the Church
A summary of Bishop Rennis' morning Bible Teaching on Tuesday at #Sligo17.

A poem by Miryam Lala inspired by the map of Ireland in the Main Arena of #Sligo17

The Lord and the Land
Frog Orr-Ewing is Rector of Latimer Minster, a church planted on an ancient farm halfway between Oxford and London.  He spoke about the lessons learnt in the process.

Home for Good
How can the church respond to the desperate need for foster carers in our nation?  Charity Home for Good shared a seminar at #Sligo17 about their work in Northern Ireland.

Blessings in the Wilderness
Miriam Swaffield shares a challenging message with a re-look at a familiar parable on Tuesday evening at #Sligo17.  Read a summary of what she had to say!

Wednesday 12 July

A Fresh Courage for the Lord
A summary of Wednesday morning's teaching from Bishop Rennis at #Sligo17

Creating Community
Sam Ward from the Eden Work shares a passionate call for us to be people that model what God is like.  Here's a summer of what he shared on Wednesday evening at #Sligo17

Thursday 13 July

A Fresh Discernment of the Times
Bishop Rennis from Singapore continues his teaching from Isaiah on the theme of Preparing for Revival at #Sligo17.

Unleashing the Church to Transform the world
Owen Crane shares his vision to see Christians engaging with every sphere of life.

A New Name
Dave Dickinson explores our identity in Christ during the Thursday evening celebration at #Sligo17.

Friday 14 July

A Fresh Empowering of the Spirit
Bishop Rennis concluded his series in Isaiah on Friday morning at #Sligo17 by looking at Isaiah 61.  Enjoy a summary here.

Face to Face with Miriam Swaffield
Miriam was one of the speakers at this year's conference.  Here Miryam Lala takes time to find out more about Miriam, here work and her passion for Jesus. 

Kill the Giant
Owen Crane, pastor of CFC in Belfast challenged us from the story of David and Goliath. "It's time to pick a fight!" #Sligo17