All Rev’d Up

By Annmarie Miles

I’ll be honest. I never thought would happen. I never believed this day would come. Mr Feint Saint was right, which is usually the case.

He was right about us, too, way back when I changed my mind about marrying him. I thought marriage was the wrong decision and that it was over between us. He was hurt but confident; disappointed, but sure of what was ahead. Here we are, 17 years later, arriving at another one of those moments that he knew would come even though it was nowhere to be seen on the horizon. Mr Feint Saint never doubted it.

A faithful man. A very faithful man.

I am immensely proud of him, though oftentimes, he drives me nuts (and of course, I never return the compliment). I am blessed, really and truly blessed, to be his wife, his partner in this new chapter in our lives.

The chapter that sees Mr Feint Saint becoming Reverend Feint Saint.

I know that he has the highest regard for his calling, for the office he will hold. He will treat it with huge respect, and he will not fail to do his very best.

Isn’t that all you could want, all you could ask of anyone in any job?

Married life has been hard at times. We have gone through a number of challenging and heartbreaking seasons. From what I hear, life in ministry is a sure-fire way to walk yourself into stressful and hectic times. Yet we are stronger than ever and ready to grab this thing with both hands. We’re going to work hard for God and His people, work well with God and His people.

Who would have thought, though, eh?

Me… the pastor’s wife.

As I write, I’ve a list of pastor’s wives whom I know here in front of me. All different, all gifted in various ways. All functioning in their unique styles. How do I live up to that list of examples?

I’ll be different too; starting later in life than most of the pastor’s wives I know. Having come through my own unique route. My marriage is different. My husband is different.

What on earth can I bring?

Who knows; maybe I’ll surprise myself and be really good at it!

Who knows; maybe I’ll surprise myself and be really good at it!

Stranger things have happened… Haven’t they???

Don’t answer that!

Annmarie Miles is originally from Tallaght, now living in her husband Richard’s homeland, Wales. If you’d like to read more between VOX Magazines, her blog is called Just Another Christian Woman Talking Through Her Hat. The Long & the Short of it, her first collection of short stories, can be found at, or you can pick it up in Footprints bookshops in Dublin.