Illustrated Faith

Monday 11 July

There is something for everyone during the Seminar / Workshop Time at #Sligo 16.  Here Andrew Garvey-Williams brings a brief report on the "Illustrated Faith" workshop.

On Monday afternoon, tables in The Marquee were laid out with paper, coloured pencils and other art materials along with samples of calligraphy. Joy Dickinson introduced this workshop  explaining how the simple discipline of artistically illustrating a chosen scripture or similar text can help explore or engage with its message in personal devotion or in a group of friends.

Lynda Hetherington shared about how attending a ‘table’ group run by Joy led her to set up her own group inviting friends to join her to illustrate scriptures together. She shared how around the table each had the opportunity to share why they chose the text and what it meant to them as well just share life together. The group became more missional as those who were not yet believers attended.

Stephanie Manson told of how her first reaction to being asked to join a table group was that she was not artistic, but how in joining the group she discovered that creativity lies within all people as we bear the image of the Creator God.  For a couple of hours attendees were then able to experience for themselves illustrating their own texts with others around the tables.  

We hope to put some of the results up around the Glass Space during late night worship on Tuesday evening (10.30pm - why not join us?). 

If interested you can also request to join the Facebook closed group ‘Illustrated Faith NI’.