Praising God in the storm

Paul and Donna Drury celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary earlier this year - and there was a lot to celebrate!  Paul had just received the all clear after a long and painful journey with cancer. 

Diagnosed in August 2012, he endured two major surgeries and six months of chemotherapy. As a husband, father and one of the ministers at GF church  in Dundalk, the diagnosis was a challenge.  

For Donna, it was a painful journey, watching the Paul suffer and feeling so helpless.  

On dark days, she found comfort in writing poetry - pouring out her heart to God.  Here is the poem she wrote during Paul's illness:

You are the love of my life

You have set me free

For now and forever

Jesus, it is you and me.

You alone satisfy me, I love you with all my soul

I promise to serve you all my days

Your love has made me whole.

Take all that I have, take all of me

All I’ve ever wanted is what you have me to be

I worship you Jesus, You take me as I am

You love me like no other

In the storms, you are my calm

Every moment of every day,

My heart just wants to sing.

How good you have been to me

My friend, my rock , my king.