LIVE at #Sligo19

14 - 19 July 2019


This week, VOX magazine is at the New Wine Ireland summer conference in Sligo. Check in daily for summaries of main messages plus a flavour of what is happening throughout a week of teaching, worship, fellowship and fun!

Sunday 14 July

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“Are we living up to our name?”

Simon Genoe opens the week with a powerful message from Zephaniah. What we believe about God becomes our “hard hat” of faith. The prophet reminds us that God is present, He is powerful and He is passionate.

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Late Night Worship

Miryam Lightbody is writing with VOX Magazine in Sligo this week. She’ll be sharing insights from community events and gatherings taking place outside of the regular talks and teachings so that you can catch the rhythm of Sligo19 ‘outside the box.’ Here she experiences Late Night Worship.

Monday 15 July

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In the first of the morning Bible Teaching sessions in the Main Arena, Gavin and Anne Calver encouraged us to move from uncertainty to faith and to live as children of God.

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Growing in… Beauty

In Mark Melluish’s seminar on ‘Walking With the Father’ he shared on the importance of living a life of beauty and ways that we can grow this kind of Godly beauty in our lives. Here are some ‘take-home’ tips from his talk:

Growing in Devotion.jpeg

Growing in… Devotion

In Charlotte Curran’s seminar; ‘Disappointment’ she illuminates the story in John 11 of the effect of Lazarus’ death and resurrection on his sisters, Mary and Martha, to illustrate how we can take to move from disappointment to devotion to divine commissioning.

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An Invitation to a Joyful Life

Seán Mullarkey is Senior pastor of St. Mark’s Church, Dublin and National Leader of Christian Churches Ireland. During his seminar, he gave a powerful and practical invitation to living a life of joy.

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How do we resist powerful enemies?

Amy Orr-Ewing shared from the book of Esther - “Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord. Remember who you are by remembering whose you are!”


Young Adults

Lucy Peppiatt and Peter Lynas were on the Young Adults’ question panel in the Chapel on Monday night.

Tuesday 16 July

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Commissioned to Share

“We’ve made evangelism a job. We are not empowering the whole church to reach the whole world. We have got to stop out-sourcing our witnessing to other people. It’s going to take all people to reach all people.” Gavin and Anne Calver continue their series in the book of Acts.


Growing in… Love for God

In Charlie Cleverly’s seminar he discussed growing in spiritual disciplines through practicing ancient ‘Rules of Life.’ He explains that the heart of growing rhythm and balance in our lives is growing in love for God. Here are some ‘take-home’ tips from his talk:


Precious in His Sight

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” At #Sligo19 Krish Kandiah issued a passionate challenge for the church to respond with love to the most vulnerable in our society.

Wednesday 17 July

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“You are running at a different pace but you are headed for the same destination.” - a call to unity as Gavin and Anne Calver continue their series from the book of Acts.

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Open Doors

“Persecution is a privilege. Persecution is a promise. And Jesus does not leave us…” A powerful message from Wednesday evening at #Sligo19.


Board Games Evening

The OM Ireland team are running the community tent in the Yeats village at Sligo19 this year. Here is Miryam’s experience of their board games night:

Thursday 18 July



“Church be bold!” Gavin and Anne Calver look at the example of Stephen as they continue their series in the book of Acts.


Are we listening to God’s call?

“The word of the Lord is calling… are we listening?” Charlie Cleverly challenged people to respond to God’s call and go to the difficult places!

Friday 19 July


Nothing is Impossible

“It is time that as a church we said, ‘Alright Lord. The land is getting darker but the light is getting brighter.’” Gavin and Anne Calver complete their series in Acts.

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Going on to Maturity

As #Sligo19 came to an end, New Wine Ireland Leader David McClay gave a plea for each of us to move on to maturity.